8th grade champions 3 on 3
6th grade champions 3 on 3
7th grade champions 3 on 3
5th grade champions 3 on 3


Outside Summer League 3 on 3  (PDF)



Basketball University and Prospectors Basketball would like to thank everyone who participated in our annual summer leagues. We truly appreciate the kids, parents, coaches, referree's and all those who contributed, in making these events what they are.

Thank you again!!



  • 30 minute running clock

  • 21 points to win the game, must win by a margin of 2 points

  • 25 points to win the game/Final

  • 1  point for made baskets inside the arc

  • 2 points for made baskets outside the arc

  • A player shall be awarded 1 free attempt if fouled in the act of shooting

  • The player will be awarded the ball, If the player chooses to attempt a free throw and misses

  • The opposing team will be awarded the ball, if the player chooses to attempt a 2 pointer and misses

  • After the 7th Team Foul, the team on offense shall receive 1 point on fouls not in the act of shooting

  • Any technical fouls shall result in the opposing team attempting a free shot and possession of the ball

  • Any intentional fouls or foul language from a player-that player will receive a minimal 5 minute penalty box-or be excused from the game


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