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We teach, we train, we prepare, then we play.
This is what he have done and will continue to do — ten years and counting. The Prospectors Basketball organization continues to grow, impacting the lives of our children, where it is crucial. We meet the kids at the front door when they are impressionable. Utilizing their interests in sports to equip them with the necessary tools and foundation for future success! Emphasizing hard work, commitment, team work, ownership, responsibility, basketball skill development and basketball IQ. It's not about winning games with us, it's about preparing to win in life. Bring your child into our classroom, if he or she takes a seat at the desk, we will make them better. 

Prospectors Family!


Marcus Wourman, Founder





"Given that 3 out of 4 kids drop out of competitive sports by the time they are 13--because of harsh coaching, an overemphasis on winning, and parental pressure--we looked for a travel basketball club that took the ‘long view’ of our son’s development … with an emphasis on coaches who taught (rather than screamed), players who developed fundamental skills (more than winning), and parents who cheered for the whole team (rather than their kid or the critiqued coaches and referees). The Prospector culture lives such a view.”


“The longer our son played with the Prospectors, the more he understood that playing the game is really about more than basketball.”


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