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A partnership with high school coaches...


Greetings Coach, 

Are you tired of having the conversation about AAU and all that it does not offer for the majority of our kids? Prospectors Basketball/Basketball University/The Lab and Coach Mike Thomas understand your dilemma. We are very excited to offer your high school basketball program another option. For over 10 years, we have trained players, coaches and parents participating in various youth programs through out Michigan. We provide personal, partner, small group, large group, team and community trainings. Currently, we are seeking high school coaches, such as yourself, to aid us in returning the State of Michigan back to the top of the basketball landscape. For this to happen, a commitment and dedication to teaching at every level is vitally important. We would like to come and help you with implementing a training program and a curriculum for the kids in your community, 8th through 12th grade. By allowing us to help you, your players will be well-equipped and better prepared, for the upcoming season, and you will have a larger group to consider, as you finalize your yearly roster.

Goal: Compete to Complete

  • Assist high school coaches on building a sustainable program

  • Establish a competing environment 

  • Develop a feeder system that rewards competition

  • Implement curriculum for youth programs that will encourage participation

  • Maximize the opportunities that exist in our communities

We Provide:

  • High intensity drills

  • Complex skill training stations

  • Enhanced mental fundamental techniques

  • Instructions for team concepts

  • Principles that build team chemistry 



Marcus Wourman — Coach/Trainer Prospectors Basketball

Jeremy File — Professional Basketball Player Coach/Trainer/The Lab

Mike Thomas — College Assistant, Two-Time Class A State Champion Coach, BCAM HS Coach of Year/Trainer/Athletic Consultant/Thomas Athletics

Lima Periera — High School Coach/Trainer/Mentor

Location: Your High School

Dates: August through October

Days: 2 days each week

Time: 2 hours each day

Grades: 8th-12th

Cost: $100 each month

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