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Basketball University is the complete youth basketball development program established in 2006 to offer training, camps, and leagues. The program was created with young, unskilled athletes in mind who would truly benefit from an ongoing, quality training program that prepares them to compete on various basketball levels including recreation, AAU, and school teams. 

Marcus Wourman

About Us

We teach, we train, we prepare, then we play.

This is what he have done and will continue to do — ten years and counting. The Prospectors Basketball organization continues to grow, impacting the lives of our children, where it is crucial. We meet the kids at the front door when they are impressionable. Utilizing their interests in sports to equip them with the necessary tools and foundation for future success! Emphasizing hard work, commitment, team work, ownership, responsibility, basketball skill development and basketball IQ. It's not about winning games with us, it's about preparing to win in life. Bring your child into our classroom, if he or she takes a seat at the desk, we will make them better. 

2021 Summer Opportunities

Join us this summer for a number of training opportunities:

Personal/Partner Training

Group Elite Training 

Prospectors  Basketball Camp July 26-29

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Alumni Celebration

Family 5k Run/Walk

Personal Training

Beginner and advance skill training to increase basketball performance. All sessions focus on the following curriculum at various levels. 

· Athletic Skills: speed, agility, coordination, reaction time
· Fundamentals: shooting, dribbling, passing, bball IQ
· Mental Approach: concentration & confidence-building


Training sessions will be held at Kingdom Ministries.

Community Based Training

Are you ready to get better, do you really want to commit to what it takes to get better? Here’s your opportunity to do so. Coach Marcus Wourman, owner of Prospectors Basketball, and his staff are coming to your community. We are seeking players, who desire to improve their basketball skill level and basketball I.Q. Coach Wourman has trained Professionals, Collegiate, Elite and Novice Basketball Players. For 15 years we have enhanced the basketball environment throughout the Greater Lansing Area. We are dedicated to improving every aspect of your game. We provide a detailed, intense, positive reinforcement environment for kids. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON A TEAM. IF YOU WANT TO GET BETTER, THIS IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!!

Instinctive Play

Saturdays Times

10:00am-11:30am 7th-8th

11:30pm-1:00pm 3rd-4th

1:00pm-2:30pm 5th-6th


Sundays Times

3:00pm-4:30pm 3rd-4th

4:30pm-6:00pm 5th-6th

6:00pm-7:30pm 7th-8th

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We teach, we train, we prepare, then we play.

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